Choreography Tik Tok: [K-POP IN PUBLIC] – LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) ‘Smart’ – Dance Cover – [UNLXMITED] [4K] [24H CHALLENGE]
„When I look at someone, up to ten
I see through and break through
Wanna be a winner
Wanna be a winner“

Hey Fearnot!

We’re excited to share our latest cover with you all! When we watched the Easy Showcase by LE SSERAFIM and witnessed the mesmerising Smart Choreo, we were instantly hooked. Everything about it, from the seamless movements to its overall allure, captured our hearts. We hope our version of this incredible choreography brings you as much joy as it has brought us. Thank you for joining us on this dance-filled journey!

Yunjin – Helia (@itsmehelium)
Sakura – Loli (@loliiby)
Chaewon – Maria (@so_riaah)
Kazuha – Alice (@oddyzx)
Eunchae – Zora (@zora.bnd)

Leader of the project:
Helia (@itsmehelium)

Filmed by:
Andres Alejandro Precht (@andres_michelon)

Color Graded by:
Andres Alejandro Precht (@andres_michelon)

Photo and Behind The Scenes by:
Jennifer Lin (@l.j_98)

Edited by:
Andres Alejandro Precht (@andres_michelon)


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