Coreografia Tik Tok: 【KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE】aespa(에스파)- “Armageddon”(Team A ver.)| Dance cover from Singapore
#aespa #Armageddon #Kpopinpublic

Imma get it Done
(Aw wayo wayo)
널 향해 겨눠 Get it, gone
(Aw wayo wayo)
이젠 널 끝내 Better run

Hi everyone! We are back with our latest cover of aespa(에스파)- “Armageddon”! We hope everyone enjoy this song as much as we do and stay tune for more covers coming soon! ❤️

Dancer :
Giselle – @qq.qiannn
Karina – @kqueen____kq____
Winter – @aussy_jwong6
Ningning – @jingtan_w

🎵Filming by @itsravenstudio

🎵 Edit by @Ghosh.sonam @mixx_studios

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This video is used only for entertainment purposes.We do not own any of the music or choreography.

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