Full Concert: GROUND OF CHAOS – Full Set Live at Altavoz Fest 2023 [HD]
🔥 Dive into the sonic fury of Ground of Chaos! 🤘 The Colombian deathcore band unleashes chaos on the stage in an epic performance at Altavoz Fest 2023! 💀🎸 Get ready for an intense audio experience, where crushing riffs and brutal lyrics collide in a musical maelstrom.

🌪️ In this video, we’ve captured the essence of Ground of Chaos at its peak, unleashing a tsunami of energy in every song. From relentless breakdowns to virtuosic solos, this performance promises to take you on a unparalleled sonic journey.

🌟 This recording isn’t just a concert, it’s a musical declaration of war! Ground of Chaos proves why they’re an unstoppable force in the Colombian deathcore scene and an act you can’t ignore. Get ready to witness the live demolition that will leave everyone in awe!

🚀 Turn this video into your ticket to an apocalyptic sonic universe. Share, comment, and join the movement to take Ground of Chaos to new stages! This is the call to action—let the chaos resonate in every corner of the world! 🌎🔊

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Special thanks:
Tomas Mesias Marin (Drumtech), Andres F. Velasquez (Roadie)

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