Full Concert: Melanie Martinez | Trilogy Tour Full Show | Live in Seattle WA 5/10/24
Step into the surreal world of Melanie Martinez as she brings her captivating Trilogy tour to Seattle, WA on May 10th, 2024! This was the first show of the tour! Get ready to immerse yourself in the storytelling of Melanie’s three-part conceptual journey through ‘Cry Baby,’ ‘K-12,’ and ‘Portals’ From whimsical visuals to haunting melodies, this is a performance you won’t want to miss. This was a unforgettable evening filled with music, theatrics, and pure imagination. The crowd went absolutely crazy singing every lyric word for word!

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Cry Baby
2:53 Dollhouse
3:37 Sippy Cup
4:33 Carousel
5:32 Alphabet Boy
6:15 Soap
7:25 Pity Party
9:05 Play Date
9:46 Mad Hatter
10:56 K-12
10:59 Wheels on the Bus
11:35 Class Fight
13:13 Show and Tell
14:13 Nurses Office
16:16 Strawberry Shortcake
17:09 Lunchbox Friends
17:58 Teachers Pet
19:33 High School Sweethearts
20:42 Portals
20:45 Death
22:55 Void
24:10 Tunnel Vision
25:37 Faerie Soiree
26:13 Light Shower
26:44 Spider Web
27:52 Battle of the Larynx
29:33 The Contortionist
30:51 Nymphology
31:50 Amulet
32:40 Evil
34:12 Womb
37:04 Outro
38:41 Light Shower MV Premiere
39:55 GTFO

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