Kpop: [KPOP IN PUBLIC] BABYMONSTER (베이비몬스터) _ SHEESH | Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona
Hey BYS, EST is back!🌸✨
Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend~ 🩶
We know you were kinda missing the older members so we thought about doing a ‘Sheesh’ cover too!! To try to make it a little bit more different from MiniEST’s one, we did Bada Lee’s choreo for the break part, since we really enjoyed it!🤪✨
Last but not least, we wanted to thank Yuyao and Ari for collaborating with us, it’s been a pleasure dancing with you two!🙏🏻🩷

Hope you enjoy our ‘Sheesh’ cover!❤️‍🔥

Stay tuned to our incoming covers, we’re working so hard! We’re gonna make you run for tulips…? Or lilies? Or maybe…🫣👀

Thank you so so much Doni for recording us today🤍✨
D: i

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Ahyeon – Ari: m
Rora – Yuyao: 5
Rami – Sopi: a
Asa – Maffi: i
Pharita – Nixie: n
Ruka – Sendy: _
Chiquita – Zoe: p


This video is only used for entertainment purposes, we do not own any of the music nor choreography.
All rights of music and choreography belong entire to YG Entertainment.

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