Late Night Chill R&B/Soul Playlist 🎧 | Soul Sessions by DJ Hello Vee
A Story of his/her loss. I wanted to highlight some of the lesser known smooth R&B/Soul artists in this week’s playlist to cushion and serenade us into the night 😌💤 Enjoy! Let me know if you liked this vibe in the comments and don’t forget to leave a like and join the channel 💙

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Track List
00:00 Where R U – King Sis
01:17 Callin’ for You – Vicky Vox
02:33 Let it slide – King Sis
03:52 I don’t wanna be like you (sped up) – Mimmi Bangoura
05:01 Transits (sped up) – Tyra Chantey
06:20 LFG – King Sis
08:01 love bomb – King sis
09:05 Hypnotized – Deanz
10:33 Sober Tho(ugh)ts – Xavy Rusan
11:22 You got issues – spring gang
11:57 Conversation – Sionya
13:23 Infatuation – I’MIN
14:45 So I changed – Mimmi Bangoura
15:23 Hiatus – King Sis
16:23 Lost and found – I’MIN
17:40 That kind of love – I’MIN
18:57 I got doubts – spring gang
19:45 Delusional – spring gang
20:27 Why do love like this hurt – spring gang
22:34 Look at you – Snake City
24:21 Forever, whenever – Mimmi Bangoura
25:26 Had to be you – King Sis
25:26 Big moody (sped up) – King Sis
28:12 Come clean – Gloria Tells
29:15 Encore – King Sis
30:28 Can’t be trusted – Flux Vortex

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