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The days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air while you get your first barbecue of the season going… We just love this time of the year!
Come with us on a tasty trip with uplifting and joyful house tunes that accompany you through your day, whether at work or in the gym. This mix is especially for the sunny days, when you invite your friends over and share a cold fresh drink in the sun or maybe even sunset.

Let your inner child shine, don’t take yourself too seriously because the world is serious enough already. Dance like no one is watching and embrace your true self! Be who you are and love yourself just the way you are!

These tasty tunes are also suited for doing the chores or for chill background music when focused:

1) 00:00 Ridney & Richard Earnshaw – Roadblock VIP @PaharasMusica
2) 04:39 Justin Joe – Lucid Love @nofussrecords6609
3) 10:12 Zetbee – One More Time (Yesenia)
4) 15:31 Manuel Kane – Disco Visions (Scruscru Remix) @blur-records
5) 20:44 Jon Le Phunk – ‘67 Disco (D.P.V. Edit) @GinkgoMusicChemars
6) 25:47 Never Dull – Burnin @iamneverdull
7) 30:58 Jason Hersco – I Was Young (Justnique Remix) @ApparelMusic
8) 34:35 Andrew Macari – Like Some Change @Viva-recordings
9) 40:32 Saison – Man Of Soul @nofussrecords6609
10) 46:30 Scruscru – Juicy Brass @blur-records
11) 51:37 Alex Preston – Lots Of Soulful Vocals @AnotherRhythm
12) 56:45 Luca Olivotto – Azzurro @theBasementDiscos
13) 01:01:45 Keep Smiling- Scruscru @blur-records
14) 01:06:33 Henrik Villard – Don’t Be Silly @lisztomaniarec
15) 01:11:48 Saison, Kid Enigma – The Break @nofussrecords6609
16) 01:16:20 Kostrok – Lírica @theBasementDiscos
17) 01:20:35 Harleatz – Losing Control @theBasementDiscos
18) 01:24:20 Vanderkraft – DJ Des Champs @DELAGROOVERecords
19) 01:29:55 Daisuke Miyamoto – Give It @soulbeachrecords6758
20) 01:35:31 Boogietraxx – In This Place @theBasementDiscos
21) 01:39:37 Tōnis – Lie To Me @DobarHouse

flavourful time stamps:
03:38 Salut!
26:36 Slow living dj’s in their natural habitat
28:56 Amii inviting a scared dog to the trip
33:09 What’s cooking?
36:22 Jimmi’s guitar jam
43:53 view and tour around the place
46:04 Handle Broken – Washing machine hack
48:58 Amii grinding nuts
01:12:29 laundry time
01:13:44 Let’s roll!
01:21:25 Let’s eat!
01:36:52 two happy kids with filled bellies
01:37:58 Let’s bring this House down!
01:43:03 golden hour vibes

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