Ouça esse Set: MC CONVILLE | Energetic House DJ set @ club TURN
New artist incoming. We’re proud to announce MC CONVILLE as a club TURN member. Rotterdam based, Australia born upcoming artist bending genres at his pleasure. Are you ready for two-step, breakbeat, trance, ghettotech, and everything in between? Find out now.

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Get to know MC CONVILLE in the club TURN way:
MC CONVILLE socials:
Instagram – /
Soundcloud – d
Contact/Bookings – mcconville@gmail.com

club TURN socials:
Instagram – /
Tiktok – n
LinkedIn – /
Soundcloud – n
Contact/inquiries – info@clubturn.nl

About club TURN:
We are an online platform for club music lovers, where we shine daylight on upcoming & hot club artists who know how to move a crowd. Follow us and become a club TURN member yourself. Join the club on this exploration of club culture, club music and its surprising and engaging personalities.

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