Ouça esse Set: ZAMA, The Stolen Paradise – HYBRID LIVE SET by J. Pool at IKAL TULUM | ORGANIC DOWNTEMPO
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I hope this video and music brings you joy and helps you feel close to nature and inspired by the beauty of nautre! @ikaltulumhotel

I recorded this set last January 2023 in Tulum at Ikal Mayan Sanctuary Hotel just before leaving. I had been based there for about 3 years, and had built a beautiful community of friends and artists there. My first son was born there in the jungle, I really love the place, it has given me so much and it is so beautiful and full of magic.

I chose to leave with my family because, despite the incredible beauty of the land and ocean and many other things that we love there, there is just too much happening around that feels completely not aligned with my world vision and intentions…

The reason I chose the title “Zama, The Stolen Paradise” is because this land was stolen by the colonialists when they arrived from Europe and now again the land is being stolen from the local people, and now it is being destroyed by developers that care more about money than anything else. “Zama” is the original name of the Mayan city which means “Dawn” and if you’ve ever been to Tulum and seen the sunrise at the beach, you know why. Tulum is the name given by colonialists and that has now basically become a brand name, so many of the shops and restaurants in Tulum include it in their name “as if you might somehow forget where you are” (which is possible for all the drunk and drug abusing tourist).

Tulum is now full of fake “eco hotels” that are designed to look like they care about the environment but couldn’t care less. The whole hotel zone is run of gas generators that consume and enormous amount of fuel everyday. There is pollution of all kinds everywhere you look, in the underground cenote water ways from poor water waste systems and covering of the natural mangrove filtration to make buildings and hotels, they find large amounts of sewage and drugs in these ancient fresh water systems. Garbage is all over the town just being dumped, they used to come and dump outside our apartment in the jungle from construction sites, and on the beach. The local government even makes it a difficult task if you want to organize a beach clean up, they will make you fill out many forms and apply for permission or the police will stop you. There is no proper handling of the garbage or waste, most goes to a miss managed dump in the jungle that is also polluting the water underground from toxic runoff. All the party tourism has also led to the narcos rising in power and there are killings and violentcrimes frequently that don’t make it to the news because they also control the police and media through corruption.

There is much more that I could continue to share here, for those of you who are interested it is all available online if you look. It’s a sad story that is not just happening in Tulum but many paradises around the world that are being destroyed in the name of greed. I wish we humans could learn already to stop taking more than we need and have a little care and respect for our planet and for the generations of humans to come that our going to think of us as ignorant and blind, leaving them a mess in this planet to clean up.

You can find more info about one particularly destructive project called the Mayan Train and one local Mayan who has taken the responsibility to take action and stop the destruction of his land here:

Set list:

Amoriri – Ape Chimba (J.Pool Remix) Unreleased
Machi Ma – Maywa (J.Pool Remix)
Santo Antonio – J.Pool, Alunawachuma ft. Kamilia Sol
Bosque Cathedral – Yemanjo (J.Pool Remix)
Mirissa – J.Pool
Adentro Del Sol – Scott Nice ft. Analia (J.Pool Remix)
El Uno – Lagartijeando (J.Pool Remix)
Selva – J.Pool
Hikuri – J.Pool, Iyaku
The Call – J.Pool
La Luna Perdida – J.Pool
Somos – J.Pool & Lemurian
Madre – J.Pool
Iluminar – Porangui (J.Pool Remix)

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